Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thankful Thursday #2

When I got into work today there was half of a cake sitting on the conference table. I was very excited about this... Let me back up... For a few months now, Melinda (my sis-in-law) has been taking a cake making/ decorating class and she makes FABULOUS cakes! Very yummy and very pretty. Usually she will bring them in the office so that everyone can eat it and usually I come in too late to get any, but today there was a half of cake left!!! And not just any cake... BANANA cake with BANANA filling! I LOVE BANANAS! So today I'm thankful for Banana cake and Melinda for making it and for my co-workers for not eating it all!!!


Anonymous said...

Melinda......cakes should also come to grandma and grandpa States!!!!!!!!!!!!!