Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eliza Joris Hoy

Shane and Melinda welcomed baby girl #2 on Tuesday February 17th! She is super dang cute!!! Enjoy the pictures.
Ryan and Olivia had a fun time playing at the hospital :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


This video, of course, made me teary-eyed! LOVE IT!!! I'm off to go make something!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Macbook Wheel - See it to Believe it!

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

"I will buy anything if it's shinny and made by Apple"

Monday, February 16, 2009


Calee had this post and well I like STUFF! Here's the dealio

I was one of the first 5 people to comment on a new post she made this afternoon, so she gets to give me some sort of self-made-creation! YEA! HAPPY DANCE! And I REALLY LIKE PRESENTS!!!!

The catch is this (in Calee's own words because they are better than mine): I must now volunteer to make 5 of you special creations of my own imagination! These lovely items may be baked goods (mmm delicious), perhaps a delightful scarf (high-five to me for preparing early to be a bomb granny), a song or story written especially for you...the sky is the limit!

If you want one of my special goodies, however, you must do the following:
1. Be one of the first five people to respond to this post
2. Re-post this on YOUR page for five of your friends!

It's like a chain letter, only without the threats -AND- not annoying because you GET a present (and get to MAKE presents to give to others) in the end. And let's face it, presents cancel out annoyance 99.9% of the time. :)

I'm really excited for my Calee-made creation because let's face it - SHE'S AMAZING!!! I will have to think of something really cool to make you first 5 commenters!!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Thanksgiving in February!

Thank you Katie for the tag! I really appreciate it and it was really good for me to sit down today and think about everything that I am grateful for! So here's the deal with tag... Write down 6 things you are thankful for... in detail and tag one person and tell why you choose that person.

I've been thinking about this one for a while and finally today at church I sat down and wrote the things that I am thankful for. Here are my top 6.

1. BEN HOY - Shocker right? I mean who would have thought that the number one thing I'm thankful for is my husband. I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am for him! He is such an amazing man and he continues to amaze me. He is a very hard worker! He is a good business owner, student, father, etc. He is dedicated. He is a faithful servant to our Heavenly Father and I respect him so much! He is one of the funniest people I know and has a great laugh. I love that he is kind to animals. I am also thankful that he is attractive! :) I"m so thankful that I'm sealed to Ben FOR-EV-ER! Every now and again I catch a small glimpse of eternity when I look at Ben - I know that that sounds so incredibly CHEESY and GOOFY, but it's true! I would be so sad if my connection to Ben ended at death... But I get to keep him forever and sometimes that is a good thing! :) jk ALL the time it's a good thing.

2. RYAN! My Ry-Guy is! My son is so cool that I can't even begin to explain it! He loves to climb stuff and throw balls. He is such a helper and he likes to snuggle when he's tired. He is saying more words everyday even though most of them just sound like "dat do" or "gat do", but it's still cool when he learns a new word. I'm so thankful for my son because I never knew a mother's love - nor did I know how "empty" my life was before Ry was born!

3. My Testimony - I gave a lesson last week to the Young Women about gaining their own testimonies and it made me think about the gospel and how thankful I am for it. I literally have no idea where I would be today if I did not have the church in my life. I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus. I'm thankful for our prophets and the temple. I'm thankful for the atonement and missionary work. I'm thankful for the Book of Mormon and I"m thankful that I KNOW that each of these things are TRUE!

4. My Calling - I'm the second counselor in the Young Women's presidency and it's literally the best calling I've ever had! I love the girls so much and I"m so thankful for them!!! Each one of my Beehives has a special place in my heart and they will forever! In fact, all the Young Women in my ward have a special place in my heart! I'm so blessed to be associated with such great youth - that includes the Young Men as well. Our ward has great youth and they are going to make great missionaries!!!

5. MY HOUSE - Lately I have really hated my house. It's small and there is no closet space. There are a lot of things wrong with it and I don't have a garage. However, I have a house to live in and I'm so thankful for that! I'm thankful that I don't have to live in a hut or with my parents or in-laws (no offense :)) I'm thankful that my house is nice looking and that the toilets and showers work!

6. My Health - I'm SOOOO grateful for my health and my body! I have a healthy body and works and functions correctly and that is a huge blessing! I'm so thankful that I do not have any serious health problems and I'm thankful for all my moving limbs. The human body is an amazing creation and I think it's just wonderful!!!

Like I said - I made a list... I would like to share with you all my list... without explanations :)

My family
My friends
Technology - computers, Internet, iPods, Cell phones, TV, etc
My car
Ben's Business/job
Good books, music and movies
Sun, Moon, Stars and clouds
that I graduated from High School
that I have my Associates Degree
God's creations and the beauty of the Earth
Tax Returns
Cream Puffs
Acapulco Mexican Restaurant
Soft Kleenex
Disposable Diapers
Washing Machines and Dryers
Clearance Sales
Hair Straighteners
My Wedding Ring
My Finger Nails - thank you Shelly the nail bitter for reminding me that I LOVE my nails...
Baby Wipes
My love for public Speaking
Eye Contacts
Diet Pepsi
Sunsets (I would include sunrises, but I never see those :))
The Beach
The Mountains
FREE stuff
Nieces and Nephews
Long Drives
Cheap Gas
Having enough money every month to pay ALL the bills
A/C and Heaters
Long Shorts
pants that fit perfectly
Face Wash
My Childhood
Modern Medicine
The Holy Ghost
The Ben served a faithful Mission
razors and shaving cream
Free full episodes of TV online

and the list goes on and on and on...

Now I tag Ashley(s)... I'm cheating a bit by tagging 3 people in one :) Ashley Braun, Ashley Veater and Ashley Smith - I'm tagging them for pretty much all the same reasons - They are all pregnant! Pregnant women are more in tune to what they are thankful for (totally just made that up!) I really do enjoy each of their blogs and I'm excited to hear what they are thankful for!!! Especially Ashley Braun because she has been my best friend since I was 12 and she is the kindest person I know. Actually all these Ashleys are incredibly kind. I hope you 3 enjoy the tag :)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

If I had $1300 in my pocket

I would so buy Ryan this Bed and Dresser!!! We saw this at Costco and Ryan LOVED it! He got mad when we told him it was time to get out of the Lightning McQueen Bed!
The dresser looks like a tool chest! I LOVE IT!!!!Isn't the little gas pump on the side so RAD!!! The side pulls out into a trundle bed or drawer!The big picture! I'm seriously in love with this about as much as Ry is! I wish I had a HOUSE and an extra $1300 just laying around :)