Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cooperstown: Day 1 & 2

So I really should finish blogging about my rad trip to Cooperstown... I'm sorry that I am so lame when it comes to blogging...

Cooperstown is amazing! We drove about 4 hours from Niagara Falls to Cooperstown on Friday July 24. The drive was beautiful and we got stuck in a HUGE THUNDERSTORM! I couldn't see out my window which was a bit scary!

We finally got to Hartwick which is about 10 minutes away from Coopertown. This is where we were renting an upstairs apartment of a house. It was a GREAT place to stay! We really liked being in a small town. In fact, I want to move to a super small town!!! I loved it. The only thing I wouldn't like is the winter times... I don't really like to be cold.

Then we drove into Cooperstown, after we had unpacked and rested (well after Ryan took a "nap"). We explored the town a little bit. It is a CUTE town and I love it! We ate dinner at a REAL New York Pizzaria :) Food was good.

Saturday July 25, we went into town again and found the media center, where we were given a parking pass and tickets to the ceremony. I did an interview with Jane, who works for the Oakland Tribune. She did the video that I had posted earlier... Click HERE

She then introduced us to a guy she had meet that said he was Rickey Henderson's number 1 fan. My first reaction was that I would have to beat this guy up because that was my title :) His name was Steve and a super nice guy. Apparently he ran into Rickey's brother in Cooperstown and Rickey's brother started talking to them (Steve and his Dad were the only ones wearing A's hats - lots of Red Sox fans there) anyway - Steve told Tyrone (Rickey's bro) that he was Rickey's number one fan. Tyrone looked at him and said: No you're not :) Isn't that funny! We took the Media bus to the downtown area of Cooperstown. There were about a gazillion more people there on Saturday than the night before. It was totally crowded and of course we were trying to maneuver a stroller through the madness! We had a fun time though. That night they had a red carpet ceremony. We didn't stay for all of it because of the mass amounts of people and it was like a 3 hour event!
The Hall of Fame and the massive amounts of people. Most of which were Red Sox fans (which I prefer over Yankee fans... although one guy tried to get Ryan to say Yankees and I tried to joke with him and he was not amused...)If I ever need a cane... I want this one :)This guy recited the poem "Casey at the Bat" one of my all time favorites and he did a fantastic job!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Baby #2 is cooking in the oven :)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


We drove from Niagara Falls to Cooperstown. It was about a 4 hour drive through BEAUTIFUL upstate New York countryside. Gorgeous! We decided to make a little detour to Palmyra - only like a 10 minute detour :) We went to the Sacred Grove. Ben and I have been there before and it's so freaking cool! I, of course, got bit by 2 mosquitoes - one on my elbow and yes, one on my forehead! For those of you who don't know, when I get bit by a mosquito I swell up HUGE! Way bigger than normal so the forehead one was a major bummer! Say: "Cheese" - We need to work on this still :)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Niagara Falls

So our grand adventure started on Wednesday July 22. Ben, Ryan and I flew into Buffalo and stayed with Ben's amazing Aunt Lois! The woman just turned 80, but looks and acts like a youngin' - she is wonderful! We visited a lot and on Thursday, I had planned to spend the day at the Falls (Aunt Lois lives in Niagara Falls - about 10 minutes away from the Falls) but the weather had other plans for us. There were intense crazy thunderstorms on and off all day long. I was super surprised that Ryan was able to nap through one of them because it was so loud! And, of course, very COOL and SCARY at the same time! The weather finally cooperated with us that night and we were able to go to the Falls. The weather was WONDERFUL! When Ben and I went 3 years ago it was super hot and muggy and a little bit miserable (weather wise), but this year was PERFECT! Ryan had been asking all day to see the "wa-wa falls" and he LOVED IT! He loved the river and when we got to the Falls he could not stop saying "Wa-wa falls" so dang cute!

We went with Ben's cousin's Family - they are awesome as well! L-R: Me, Ben, Ryan, Dorothy, Val, Rickey, Dan

We went on the Cave of the Winds - it so cool! You take an elevator down like 17 stories and it's really scary! Then you get off and you are RIGHT ON THE FALLS! We walked on some stairs and got really close to the falls - It was awesome. Ben stuck his head in the Falls. :) VERY FUN!