Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ryan wants to blog too!

Ryan was so excited about his mommy starting to blog that he wanted to post one... So I thought I would let him

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Ryan loves desks! Especially his Daddy's and his Papa Tom's! He loves to pull the papers off the desk and grab at anything within his reach. At his Papa's house he even has his own "mouse" that he can move around the desk. At his Daddy's work he has his very own keyboard to type on! He is a very curious boy and likes to explore everything. Recently he has started pointing with one finger at things. He is very gentle and will try to touch things very softly while pointing. SO CUTE!


Anonymous said...

Hey - did Ryan type that last blog? If so, he misspelled keyboard!

calee! said...

I love your blog.

check out Nikki's!

Anonymous said...

I remember when Mason was obsessed with the keyboard, I ended up getting him one from goodwill to play with and he would still go for the real one. I also remember when he started pointing at things, so precious! I can't wait to see you guys! Ashley

Mezik said...


Brettley said...

Rad...this is a radical blog. It is so marvelous in it's artistic works and it should belong to peoples' hearts as a treasured moment! Yeah! Im crazy!

Erin said...

Hey - Don't click on Mezik or see here on that comment... I think it's a virus... SORRY Y'ALL