Saturday, November 15, 2008


There was this beehive under the Sprinter bridge right by our exit off the 78 - Ben noticed the hive about 3-4 months ago. North County Transit is one of our accounts so we knew we would be taking care of the hive... well NCT finally called us last week and Tim and Ben killed the hive... Since it was so closed to home - I went to observe... from my car :)
Before - It was a huge hive - You're looking at about 60lbs of honeycomb and probably about 7-10,000 bees
Ben the Bee GuyTim did the extermination - since it was on such a huge bridge we had to rent a boom lift.

Honeycomb... After


Melody said...

Wow! That's a huge hive! It helped to have the pic of Tim next to it for perspective. Very cool pics. What do you do with all the honeycomb?

Katie said...

wow- cool/scary job he's got there!

Brooke said...

That's pretty cool to see the guys in action. I'm glad they are there to take care of the bees in the world. =)

Al said...

Just wondering what the bees did to deserve extermination?

Capture the Moment said...

Bummer for the bees. To bad you don't have a relocation program for the bees seeing as we are in a bee colony decline. Maybe you guys could become the Wallace and Gromit of bee removal:) Ha, ha, ha!

Senior Family said...

holy crads that is a huge hive !! what happens to the bees ?

Hoy Family said...

TO Al: I don't know you so I don't know why you would comment on my blog, but we tried to do a live removal on the hive, but it just wasn't possible. I don't know why you would judge me. It's kind of weird.

Rachel: Wild bees aren't a problem or on the decline... it's just the domesticated hives in central CA that are up and leaving, but we do do live removals when possible - Ben hates killing bees... He's a softy!

Sarah said...

Ok, I went and checked out Mr Als blog-- he's from Toronto Canada? Why would he care what happens to bees in CA??? I guess PeTA people are everywhere... :) That is so rad that you have such a large account like NCT! We have a few larger accounts, but they are so sporadic. Awesome step-by-step pictures!

Al said...

Hey Sarah, Glad you took the time to look over my local food blog.

Did you miss the positive review about the Rib Fest? Definitely not PETA friendly, eh?

I really have to believe you guys are just having a laugh.

California doesn`t exist in a bubble.

If you`re honestly interested in bees, have a look at my bookmarks at

And Hoy Family, it`s not just just the domesticated hives in central CA that are up and leaving. Do you really believe that? Do you not look beyond California?

As I replied privately, my original comment was not judging you, I just wanted more information. The hive in question looked pretty isolated and inaccessible. I really did wonder what problem they were causing.

Your blog is public, so why shouldn`t I comment?

Jessica said...

WOW! That hive is HUGE! Go Ben and Tim. I would never be brave enough for that job.

The Wattson Family said...

So you are the Wallace and Gromit of bee removal! I'm glad to hear you try to preserve the hives when you can. We have a pretty big colony living in the hillside of our place but I figure we don't bother them they won't bother us. It's working so far but if it fails we'll give Ben a call.

Richard Martyniak said...

Cool story!

IMO, it's ok to eradicate pest honeybees. Performing a live removal can increase the stinging risk to the public and always takes longer than a treatment and removal (= higher cost). Reason enough for a DOT client. Try to imagine the legal risk for them and the removal contractor.

In many areas of the U.S., feral honeybee populations are doing very well. Not sure about NC, but here in FLA, we have an abundance of them. It's the managed bees in our white boxes that are having some problems. We do removals in Fla. shameless pr for our bee removal site: