Monday, May 25, 2009


Had quite the exciting weekend. Thursday ended up being my last day of work and it was bittersweet for me. I'm glad that I'm not working anymore, but I'll miss it too.

So Ben and I didn't really get a chance to celebrate my birthday because of work and church stuff so this last weekend was my birthday extravaganza! We were going to go to Harrah's Rincon and just stay one night and go swimming, but apparently Memorial Day weekend hotel prices are ridiculous! They wanted $450 for ONE night! That was just stupid. So we decided to go to Vegas! It was so much fun!!! We left Friday after work (We left Ryan with Nana and that was hard for me! Ben and I missed our little boy!!) we got into Vegas about 11:30p. We stayed in the Hilton - which was nice, but nothing exciting. I think I expected a little more out of it. But it was still cool!On Saturday we played :) We had brunch at the Excalibur buffet (it was gross!) Then we walked around the strip. I have decided that the Belliago, Ceasars and the Venetian are the COOLEST hotels on the strip and I want to stay in each of them at least once! We loved the Belliago because of it's cool/rad/spectacular water fountian show.

I loved the Venetian for a few reasons - The Grand Cannal Shops (I love to shop - even thought I didn't get to go into any of the stores), the Gondola rides

Our Gondola driver... he was well... I may be in like with him! He was such a cool guy - from Italy and sang amazingly - obviously :)

We saw Streetmosphere - which is a little preformace inside the Grand Cannal Shops. It was pretty cool. We didn't do a whole lot around Ceasars - The bathroom was nice :) But I loved the huge mall-like thing they had. :)
This would be so cool in a HUGE nursery :)

I had a great time - And can't wait to go back in the NEAR future!!!


Kings said...

looks like you guys had a blast this weekend too! thanks for the comment! I got the bathing suit off ebay :) I love ebay. It is Juicy you should totally get it! It is my favorite!