Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Little Brother Graduated from HIGH SCHOOL!

So Brettley Simper is my adopted little brother. He has all the qualities that I always assumed a little brother would have... ie: annoying, follows me around, etc. Just kidding! Brettley is dabomb.com and I was SOOOO GLAD that he saved tickets to his graduation for Ben and I. We love you Brettley!!!!

I also love all my inside jokes with Brettley... I want to remember them so I'm writing them down on my blog. I'm sorry for those of you who do not know what I'm talking about
Be proud of your dawg
I'm a pr prrro professional pho phhhhh phhoo
Brettley Simper-Fi
DP (or DP.com/Ben hahaha)
The Band DP.com
Read your notes
Throw something at Ben
Hot Dog song


Amy Marie said...

I totally remember when Brett was a baby. SO Weird!!!!!!!! Our families were friends back then...

Tell him I said congrats.