Saturday, August 01, 2009

Niagara Falls

So our grand adventure started on Wednesday July 22. Ben, Ryan and I flew into Buffalo and stayed with Ben's amazing Aunt Lois! The woman just turned 80, but looks and acts like a youngin' - she is wonderful! We visited a lot and on Thursday, I had planned to spend the day at the Falls (Aunt Lois lives in Niagara Falls - about 10 minutes away from the Falls) but the weather had other plans for us. There were intense crazy thunderstorms on and off all day long. I was super surprised that Ryan was able to nap through one of them because it was so loud! And, of course, very COOL and SCARY at the same time! The weather finally cooperated with us that night and we were able to go to the Falls. The weather was WONDERFUL! When Ben and I went 3 years ago it was super hot and muggy and a little bit miserable (weather wise), but this year was PERFECT! Ryan had been asking all day to see the "wa-wa falls" and he LOVED IT! He loved the river and when we got to the Falls he could not stop saying "Wa-wa falls" so dang cute!

We went with Ben's cousin's Family - they are awesome as well! L-R: Me, Ben, Ryan, Dorothy, Val, Rickey, Dan

We went on the Cave of the Winds - it so cool! You take an elevator down like 17 stories and it's really scary! Then you get off and you are RIGHT ON THE FALLS! We walked on some stairs and got really close to the falls - It was awesome. Ben stuck his head in the Falls. :) VERY FUN!


Ashley said...

Wow, beautiful! That is on my list of places to visit that I've never been to yet! What an awesome trip!