Thursday, January 14, 2010


So the day after Thanksgiving, I finally got my iPhone! It was amazing! That's right... WAS... 2 weeks after I got my precious phone, I dropped it into the toilet! And apparently, water and iPhones do not play well together! I've been so sad and depressed ever since it happened! Ben found a place in Riverside that might be able to fix it, but I haven't had the time to go up there yet. Plus I'm afraid that they'll say there is nothing they can do to fix it and I will cry!
Luckily, Ben had an extra phone in the office (I couldn't use my old one because it was a Verizon phone and we just changed to AT&T). So now I'm using an old school Nokia phone - you can throw the thing as hard as you like and it won't break! However, it doesn't even have a camera on it and the texting sucks!!!! I MISS MY iPHONE!!!! :(


Kings said...

sad. i did that wish my last phone and luckily haven't done it with my iphone yet! maybe you should try selling it and getting a different one off craigslist. I bet you could still sell it for quite a bit if you can't find someone to fix it.