Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Twenty Ten in Review - March/Jake

March 2010 - Introducing Jake
Jacob Thomas Hoy
Born: March 29 at 6:20pm
9lbs 9oz
21.5 inches long
15' head!
He was a BIG boy :)

(Here is the Big o'long story if you are interested... if you are not - that is ok :))

I had a C-Section with my first born, Ryan, and ever since that I wanted to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) with my next one. I wanted to do this for a few reasons - one: I really did enjoy the labor part with Ryan - even though it was LONG (41 hours total - 28 where "Hard" labor). So anyway - that was the plan with baby #2! However, my nurse mid-wife still wanted me to schedule a C-Section for my due date thinking that if Jake didn't come on his own by then - he wasn't going to or he would be too big to do so on his own and I would just end up having another c-section anyway. Well I had to meet with the doctor who would be doing the c-section. We'll call him Dr. Burt because he looked and talked exactly like Burt Reynolds - creepy though! He didn't really answer my questions and I didn't really feel comfortable asking him questions. He asked me over and over again if we were tying my tubes during the c-section... Ummm... HECK NO! This is only baby #2 - why on earth would I tie my tubes?!? I don't know how many kids I want and I'm definitely not going to make that decision when I'm 9 months pregnant and MISERABLE! Anyway - I didn't like the fact that he kept asking me that. At one appt me needed to examine me to see how things were progressing so I'm in the room waiting for him to come in and I'm wearing the "paper towel" they give you to "cover" up but it really doesn't cover ANYTHING... So Dr. Burt asks me some questions and then says that he isn't going to examine me because - and I quote - "It's too awkward" - WHAT? You are a doctor for Pete's Sake! Don't you do this kind of thing all day long?!? I had a c-section scheduled for March 25 (my due date) with Dr. Burt and I was scared to death! I was so afraid of having major surgery (even though the 1st time it was no big deal) and I was even more afraid of having Dr. Burt preform the surgery! So on March 24, when Ben got home from seminary we talked about it a little bit and Ben was cool with whatever decision that I made. I asked him to say a prayer because I was freaking out and I didn't know if I should have the c-section the next day or wait a little while longer and give Jake time to come on his own. Well as soon as Ben started to pray I INSTANTLY knew what Heavenly Father wanted me to do! It was not the most convenient decision but I felt so at peace as soon as I made the decision. We decided to wait. We were going to give the baby another week to come on his own. I can't even tell you how thankful I am for Ben - just a random side note there :) Ben ended up getting sick the next day and was sick all weekend long - there is no way he would have been allowed in the hospital with his cold so that was a huge blessing that we canceled the appt!

So it was a huge hassle canceling my c-section and my nurse/mid-wife gave me attitude about it because for some reason she really wanted me to have the c-section. But whatever - it was my decision and not hers!

So on Monday March 29th I had another doctors appointment because I had to meet wiht a new doctor because Dr. Burt was not going to be my doctor anymore! This time I met with Dr. Padia and I was really nervous. What if all doctors who preform c-sections were crazy?! What was I going to do then? I was really hoping that I would be dialated to a 5 and 100% effaced and that labor was just right around the corner. I had been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions so I was feeling pretty confident that I would go into labor on my own! Anyway - I meet Dr. Padia and he is AWESOME! He answers all my questions and lays out all my options for me! NO ONE had done that for me up to this point and here I was overdue! He told me the pros and cons of each of the options and then continued to exam me. He didn't make it awkward either! I had had an appt 3 weeks previous to this and I was 1 cm dialated and 50% effaced (whoa... ) so I was really hoping to have progressed quite a bit at this point... Dr. Padia exams me and tells me that I am 1.5cm dialated and 50% effaced... That's right after 3 weeks and LOTS of LONG walks - I'm only dialated 1/2 cm more! That was kind of the last straw for me. Dr. Padia suggested that we schedule a C-Section and I actually felt really good about doing that. So he said that he would be able to schedule the surgery for Thrusday April 1st - well... I didn't want my son born on April Fool's Day - silly I know, but whatever... So Dr. Padia asks me when was the last time I had eaten or drinken anything that day... I told him about 8:30 am... So then he says: "Well would you like to come in tonight to have your baby?" And that seemed just grand to me!!! I really wanted to be done being pregnant! And of course I wanted to meet my little boy!

When we got to the hopital, the nurses started hooking me up to all sorts of stuff and had me sign a few papers. One of the papers was informing us that due to the swine flu children under the age of 14 were not allowed in the hospital! I was heartbroken! I really wanted Ryan to be able to come to the hospital and meet his baby brother! I, of course, started crying. I was so bummed that I wasn't going to have my ideal "brothers meeting for the first time moment"!

This C-Section was so much easier than my first because I hadn't gone through hours and hours and days of labor. I went into the hospital, they gave me fluids for an hour and then wheeled me off the the operation room. I was so much happier at this point and more mobile. After they got my spinal tap entered in, Ben was able to come into the room and join me. We waited for about 15 minutes and then finally our baby was here. Dr. Padia told me earlier that day that the baby would probably be about 7lbs. I told him that it was going to be bigger than Ryan (who was 8lbs 7oz). So when Dr. Padia pulled Jake out the first thing he said was: "Whoa! This is a big baby! Probably a 9 pounder!" And of course, he was 9lbs 9oz - I was so thankful at this point that I had chosen the C-Section route :) After a few minutes of cleaning him off, I got to see my Jake and my first thought was - Whoa - He's going to be a football player - like a linebacker or something. :) So thankful for this experience and the blessing of my beautiful baby boy!


Lissy said...

Great story! So grateful for priesthood blessings! Jake is such a cute newborn - I love the pictures :)