Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pretty Boy

Yesterday I was at Kelly Paper with Ryan and there were 2 salesmen helping me and they were talking to Ryan and he was smiling and being all cute. Then one of the salesmen asked... "Is that a girl or a really pretty boy?" I thought that was the funniest question ever! Especially since Ryan was wearing plaid shorts and a blue shirt... But I do think he is a very pretty baby :)

He loves to look at himself in the mirror. He helps me get ready in the morning. He hands me my brush. Sometimes he likes the lick the brush... we're working on that one.He also goes through my make-up bag and hands me whatever I need...
Like for instance my eyelash curler :)

On Sunday when we got home from church - he was a really tired baby! But I was really hungry and couldn't hold him to get him to fall asleep. So I made him a bottle and put him on the floor on his back... Thinking that he would eat and then I would pick him up after I ate and he would have a nice nap.
However, he rolled on his tummy and fell asleep! It was soo cute! I put a blanket over him and he took a 2 hour nap!

Also - I got a picture of him pointing today - so cute! I love when he points :)


Christy said...

How traitor-ous of you to buy your paper at Kelly! Hello? Star Paper? j/k:) Yes, Ryan is way too cute for his own good!