Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Rickey Pictures

As promised her are some random pictures of me and Rickey Henderson over the years... They are in no particular order... I'm feeling very nostalgic lately so please bear with me :) This was the cover of the Padres magazine... This was opening weekend about 1996... I think. I introduced Rickey to the crowd during the lineup! Rickey was handed one of his jerseys on the way out and gave it to me! He was very surprised to see me there!!!

This was Kid's Opening Day in Oakland 1994ish... I threw the ceremonially opening pitch - Rickey was, of course, the catcher and the ball bounce several times before reaching him and I was several feet in front of the pitching mound :) hahaRickey just happened to be doing an interview with some Japanese news people and after he was done came over and took some pictures with us... I want to say this is early 90's - before 1993.This was September 2001 - I was 17years old and really able to see how cool these experiences were! I again got to introduce Rickey to the crowd before his first at bat. It was awesome!This is the FIRST ever Hi Rickey sign. I was 5 years old - I think that the Hall of Fame should consider putting this baby in the display :)Rickey had a small stint with this league playing for the San Diego Surf Dawgs. He was the only big name and they only one who could play ball. I was out of high school by this time so it was like 2004ish.Opening Day at Petco Park! My Dad surprised all of us with tickets to the game and somehow we found out that Rickey was there and someone took us down to see him. It was great to catch up with him! He told us that the was coaching Little League - Can you imagine having RICKEY HENDERSON as your kids Little League Coach???So I lied in my last post - This was actually the Bronze BASE that I presented Rickey (Man, How many bronze bases are the Padres going to give Rickey???) The thing weighed a TON and Rickey lifted it like it was NOTHING!
Hope you have enjoyed these pictures. Please remember to read my last post if you have NO idea what I'm talking about. Haha - Comments please :)


Gma Cheryl said...

So many good, good memories of Rickey, baseball, the ballpark, being with my family and our friends - I have been teary-eyed for two days!

Katie said...

Such a neat neat story. Can't wait to hear about July

Anonymous said...

i was there at the 1996 opening day in a kusi luxury box and saw you do the ceremony- didn't know who you were until 1999 when you moved in the ward. congrats to you and Rickey- 2 hall of famers!-
Stephen Caruso

kaci said...

What a cool story! That will be so exciting to be there for the ceremony in July.

The Stokes Family said...

So much fun - i cant believe that - you die hard fan - you!