Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ringing In 2009!

Last night we went to Disneyland to celebrate New Years Eve! We did this last year and discovered a really fun band named Suburban Legends. They are great :) They came back to Disneyland again this year and did not disappoint us!!! We meet up with my cousin Lesley and her husband Cory (who looks like Jacob Black), but we didn't hang out with them long (we're going back today to hang with them :) Can't get too much of Disneyland!) So instead we hung out with our friends Wes and Ilse, Bernie and Toreva, and Ilse's friends Todd and Ashley (THAT'S RIGHT I SAID TODD AND ASHLEY! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!!) Ben got there a little bit later than I did (He had to work) so I hung out with our friends and it was really fun! We got free New Year's Eve hats and stood in really long lines to get hot chocolate. Then Ben got there and we went on some rides. We went on Indiana Jones twice (cut in line both times... Ilse is really good at that :)), Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear. Ben and I also went to see our Band and the group meet up with us later.
L-R: Bernie, Toreva, Ashley, Todd, Ilse, Wes, Me, Ben and Ryan
Now I need to explain something about the band. Last year, they seemed to REALLY like Ben and not so much like me at all! They would throw these Marti-gras beads and like 3 of the band mates gave some to Ben - I was really jealous! So this year I was determined to get me some beads! So we found this little spot to watch the band that we right next to the side of the stage and away from all the annoying groupies! And the lead singer came over and gave us all beads!!!! I was so happy! Then we made friends with a lady who worked on the stage and she gave us MORE beads! Ben of course still had way more than me because the Band kept throwing them to him... I don't know why they like him so much!!!


Gma Cheryl said...

You all look like your having a great time in those party hats!

Jeff & Nicole said...

How FUN! Looks like an awesome New Years Eve. Bummer we didn't get to hang out time we're in town!

Ashley said...

FUN! I've always wanted to go to Disneyland for New Year's eve but haven't done it yet. It would be so crowded but really fun. Did Ryan stay up until midnight?

Melody said...

That sounds like so much fun! I wanna go on New Year's Eve sometime.