Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cooperstown: Day 1 & 2

So I really should finish blogging about my rad trip to Cooperstown... I'm sorry that I am so lame when it comes to blogging...

Cooperstown is amazing! We drove about 4 hours from Niagara Falls to Cooperstown on Friday July 24. The drive was beautiful and we got stuck in a HUGE THUNDERSTORM! I couldn't see out my window which was a bit scary!

We finally got to Hartwick which is about 10 minutes away from Coopertown. This is where we were renting an upstairs apartment of a house. It was a GREAT place to stay! We really liked being in a small town. In fact, I want to move to a super small town!!! I loved it. The only thing I wouldn't like is the winter times... I don't really like to be cold.

Then we drove into Cooperstown, after we had unpacked and rested (well after Ryan took a "nap"). We explored the town a little bit. It is a CUTE town and I love it! We ate dinner at a REAL New York Pizzaria :) Food was good.

Saturday July 25, we went into town again and found the media center, where we were given a parking pass and tickets to the ceremony. I did an interview with Jane, who works for the Oakland Tribune. She did the video that I had posted earlier... Click HERE

She then introduced us to a guy she had meet that said he was Rickey Henderson's number 1 fan. My first reaction was that I would have to beat this guy up because that was my title :) His name was Steve and a super nice guy. Apparently he ran into Rickey's brother in Cooperstown and Rickey's brother started talking to them (Steve and his Dad were the only ones wearing A's hats - lots of Red Sox fans there) anyway - Steve told Tyrone (Rickey's bro) that he was Rickey's number one fan. Tyrone looked at him and said: No you're not :) Isn't that funny! We took the Media bus to the downtown area of Cooperstown. There were about a gazillion more people there on Saturday than the night before. It was totally crowded and of course we were trying to maneuver a stroller through the madness! We had a fun time though. That night they had a red carpet ceremony. We didn't stay for all of it because of the mass amounts of people and it was like a 3 hour event!
The Hall of Fame and the massive amounts of people. Most of which were Red Sox fans (which I prefer over Yankee fans... although one guy tried to get Ryan to say Yankees and I tried to joke with him and he was not amused...)If I ever need a cane... I want this one :)This guy recited the poem "Casey at the Bat" one of my all time favorites and he did a fantastic job!


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