Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Twenty Ten in Review - August Family Photo Shoot

This was our family photo shoot - Ryan 3yrs old and Jake was 4 months. This was an interesting experience because of my poor planning - Jake had had shots that morning and was therefore pretty grumpy and tired for pictures! We are taking pictures again in 2 weeks and I'm SUPER excited!!!

Our photographer is excellent. - if you use her tell her we sent ya!

This is probably my favorite one of all of us - which is funny because you can't see Ben or my face! But this is the one we decided to put on our living room.
Love my Ry-Ry
So studly
Another one of my favs
Oh my! SO cute!
Jake was not cooperating at this point - crying = red Jake face = no cute pictures of Jake
Luckily he fell asleep...


Ashley said...

all of these are adorable! we have a family picture up in our front room too without me and jeremy's heads! haha. I love the sunburst one! so much goodness.

k N d said... look gorgeous! love the one of you and ben :)