Friday, February 25, 2011

Twenty Ten in Review - November

November 2010
Silly Ryan put all the stickers on his face... I have no idea where that idea came from... :)
Thanksgiving was at our house again this year... These are pictures my dad took because I took ZERO... LAME!
My kids are kinda cute...
Our first (and probably last) trip to Lame-O-Land... I mean Legoland.
Waited in line for 30 minutes to go on a ride that went up and down... It was a fair quality ride...LAME!
But Ryan did like it...
Ben did not... He forgot his sweater and it was freezing so we had to buy this sweater to remind ourselves of this day!


Anonymous said...

Dear Rad,
I think baby Jake looks the same in these pictures! I expected him to look way different. More fresh to the earth. But its cool, he can stay the same forever... or at least for a couple years.

P.S.- you need to update my blog's url on your little "blogs I stalk" section- new url is: