Friday, March 07, 2008

Flashback Friday - Trust No One

First of all - I finally added the picture to last week's flashback friday so make sure to look at that because it is AWESOME!

So unfortunately I was a big dork back in the day... I was obsessed... and I mean OBSESSED with the TV show "The X-Files". I thought David Duchovny was the hottest thing ever and the boy I liked at the time also liked this show (naturally I thought we were meant to be). But that is not the worst part of this little embarrassing tale... I was reading through my old journals and it just so happens that 10 years ago TODAY I attended the "X-Files Expo '98. That's right - I was the equivalent to a "Trekie". I remember that people dressed up at characters from the show... FREAKS... of course later that year I would dress up as the character Scully for Halloween. When we were there we heard the X-Files theme music about 1 million times and that was really annoying - I'm sure at the time I said it was "hecka cool". But the best part of that day for me was when the character Alex Krycek - played by Nicholas Lea - who by the way was a total fox - well the only way to accurately tell you is to take a line straight out of my journal... "Then I asked Krycek if I could have a hug he said sure and gave me a hug and a kiss. (He's a very good hugger)" That's right a hug and a kiss! Big day for a 13 year old. :)
Here are some autographs I stood in line for hours and hours to get... oh my word!
And here I am sitting in Mulder's office... I loved Mulder by the way...
Well that's if for this edition of Erin's most embarrasing FLASHBACK FRIDAY!!!


Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME!!! I didn't remember you going to this. Arnt you so glad you kept a journal, then you could remember all the embarrassing things you/we used to do. And to think we thought we were the coolest! Hecka Cool!!!
love you, ashley

Christene said...

Good job keeping a journal! I need to keep a journal - I can't even remember what happened 5 minutes ago, much less 10 years ago!!!