Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mose Shrute visits the office!

So yesterday Tim was interviewing people for the open pest control/bee job. http://www.propacificbee.com/ or http://www.propacificpest.com/ - anyhoo I kid you not this guy came into interview and he looked EXACTLY like Dwight Shrute's cousin Mose! He had the beard, the weird personality, even the way he stood was like Mose! It was so crazy and I'm just sorry that I didn't get a picture of him! And unfortunately he won't be working for us... But on the up side - The Office returns April 10 with all new episodes!!! WHOO HOO!!


Leah said...

(this is james) You hired him, right? You'd be crazy not too. Mose would get after those nasty critters like no other. Wait, was it really just Ben in disguise?

Sarah said...

HA! That's so awesome. Mose is the best... that guy could have huddled up, rocking in a corner while his cousin reads excerpts from the Harry Potter series!