Thursday, March 13, 2008


So this one is kinda hard for me... I don't really snack that much (or as much as I would like :)) But my 3 favorite snacks would be...

1. Diet Pepsi! I love me some diet Pepsi. I'll drink Coke but my absolute fav is Pepsi. 2. Hot Tamales. I love to eat these at the movies. Yum3. Flaming Hot Cheetos with Lime - This is a new favorite snack and will probably change... I like to eat something religiously for a while and then... it fades into another snack when I get sick of it :)
Alright so I tag... JEREMY, Christy, and Christene :) Have fun!


Christene said...

Were you tagging me to say what my 3 favorite things are?? If so... Pepsi, skittles, and butterfinger. Probably in that order. I am trying to lay off the Pepsi though. Got some extra pounds to loose.