Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

Last Saturday we went to see Santa! We went to this house across the street from Richland Elementary School - if you haven't seen this house or Santa - drop all your plans tonight because he will be there from 6-8p and he is the BEST SANTA EVER! Probably because he is the REAL Santa. Anyway - Here are the pictures. Merry Christmas Eve everyone!


Katie said...

And he didn't even cry, huh? lucky

Tiffany said...

That place looks awesome! You have to tell me exactly where it is because I need to take rachel.

Senior Family said...

how fun !! Merry Christmas :)

Gma Cheryl said...

Erin - I love the look on YOUR face!

Cherrie said...

What a beautiful little guy you two created. So Cute!!
We received your postcard over the weekend, Thanks for thinking of us.
It was a busy month for us and did not get cards out.
We went to D.C. for Thanksgiving and stayed for a week. Patrick and his family moved there in July, he works for the Census Bureau. They have two adorable daughters. Anywho's that's my excuse for no cards this year.
Thanks for sharing your Blog, it will be fun to share in your world.
Happy New Year
Love Cherrie & Ron S.---UT