Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Twilight... the 2nd time

So after I saw Twilight I was surprise with how much I didn't remember from the book so I started reading it again that night. I wanted to go slow and enjoy the book, but I ended up reading still sorta quick :) Can't put that darn thing down! Anyway - So I saw the movie again today and I liked it sooo much more this time around - the cheesy parts seemed a bit less cheesy... only a bit though. There was so much missing from the movie, but I can still enjoy it for what it is! The only real problem I now have with the movie is some of "Edwards" intense moments of acting... Hopefully he gets some acting lessons before the next movie!

Since I'm finished with Twilight, I'm moving onto New Moon. I hated New Moon the first time around and vowed not to put the book down until Edward returned - that was a very LONG day! So this time around I'm thinking about either skipping the whole Jacob part all together or reading every other chapter. Whatcha think about that? Sorry if I offend any Jacob fans out there, but he is just not my cup of tea (although the actor who plays Jacob is a cutie... and kinda looks like my cousin Lesley's hubby)
Taylor Lautner/ Jacob Black



the astles said...

I'm going to go see it again too. I'm hoping I like it better too.

Katie said...

I read the first 3 books again in like 4 days right before Breaking Dawn came out and I was going to take it slow too- but I read them faster than the first time! Go figure. New Moon is my least favorite too- I skimmed the Jacob chapters the second time because, not unlike you, I can't stand the guy! I just kept reading 'til Edward came back and then I felt better. I already want to read them all again. what's wrong with me?!

Arica said...

it was SO much better the second time. i'm more than pleased with the film, i LOVE it! i took andrew the second time too and he REALLY liked it! ..totally stoked on all of that. :)