Monday, December 15, 2008

Pittock Mansion

We were able to visit my BFF Ashley and her family this weekend in Oregon! We had a great time. Our first day there Ash took us to the Pittock Mansion. It was so pretty! They had it all decked out for Christmas. Apparently, this was the finish line for the Amazing Race. I don't watch that show, but it would have been a really cool finish line :)

There were a lot of scary mannequins like this one all over the place... they were all sleeping... and all of them terrified me!The thing I liked most about this place was the gorgeous windows that had view of Portland. Someday when I get a house I want lots of windows all over the place (I also figure that by the time I have a house with lots of windows I will be able to afford a window washer) Anyway - I really enjoyed the Pittock Mansion :)

PS - Ashley - Please send me the picture of Kianoa (sp) and the Poinsettia... No one will think it's funny, but I will still laugh my head off!!!


Ashley said...

I did watch that show and the place looked gorgeous from the outside! That's cool you got to go there! But the mannequins would have freaked me out too. Creepy!

Katie said...

Um yeah I want that house! (sans mannequins) And a window-washer to go with it, of course!

Senior Family said...

how fun !! !

Jessica said...

What a neat house! But I agree about the mannequins. Creepy!