Friday, April 18, 2008


The girls in the office decided this week that we were going to start our own girls club - seeing as I'm a sucker for girls clubs I was totally up for the idea. This got me thinking about things and I remembered I loved the book series "The Babysiters Club". It seemed like such a great idea. Then it made me think about the very first company I ever started... And let me tell you... I have started MANY businesses... Some legit like, City of Chocolate Fountains and I'm even a co-owner of Pro Pacific Pest Control... and some not so legit like Nerbyin and Exit Clothing. But the very first business I started was called "Pary in a Box'. My BFF Ashley and I started this business when we were about 12/13 years old. The concept was simple. We would plan your kid's birthday party for you - we were party planners! We had several packages to choose from - it was great. We had ONE customer - Thanks Melanie Sewell!

Happy Friday Everyone! Have a great weekend and keep on bloggin! :) Watch Juno...


adrienne said...

LOOOOVED the babysitters club! I think we owned every book possible and would get the books if they had like a 2o year reunion series. You know...what is everyone doing now? HEE!