Friday, April 11, 2008

I missed it again!

UG! I can't believe that I missed Thankful Thursday again! GRRR! Well I'm going to cheat again and blog today - I'm thankful that my family is in good health and that we have a place to live. We watch American Idol Gives Back on Wednesday night and it really made me thankful for the things that I have! I've been complaining the past couple of months because I really don't like my condo and I want a house, but watching that show made me realize how GREAT I really do have it!

Also - if you haven't already - do try to donate to Idol Gives Back. I'm so impressed with the many different charites this money goes to. Not only does it help people in Africa battle the many diseases they have there, but it helps kids here in America too! I think that we/celebrites forget that there is work to do in our own country! I wish more people would focus on helping our communities become better places than worry about what's going on in other countries. With that being said - money that is donated to Idol Gives back will actually DO SOME GOOD in Africa and HERE in the Good o' USA! Download songs from the night - proceeds will go to Idol Gives Back or click here to donate!


Sarah said...

I know what you mean! I don't know if I just get more emotional the older I get or if it's post kids crazy horomones or WHAT, but I totally cried like a BABY watching Idol gives back! I was really impressed with their charities and how much good a little money can do.