Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Get to know me... Thanks Ash

A-attached or single: Married
B-best friends: Ben, Ashley, Melinda
C-cake or pie: Yes...
D-day of choice: Saturday, but only Saturdays that Ben has off... otherwise I like Fridays.
E-essential item(s): chapstick, my wedding ring, my cell phone...
F-favorite color: Red
G-gummy worms or bears: worms
H-hometown: Tracy, CA
I-indulgence: Fried Ice Cream from Acapulco
J-January or July: July - love warmer weather, summer and now Ryan's birthday!
K-kids: One super cute baby boy
L-life is incomplete without: Ben and Ryan - the gospel
M-marriage date: October 15, 2005
N- number of siblings: 2 older 1/2 brothers
O-oranges or apples: apples
P-phobias or fears: spiders, snakes, tight spaces
Q-quotes: "What would you do if you weren't afraid"
R-reasons to smile: Ryan, rainy days, sunny days, vacations, friends, family
S-season: I like spring for blossoms, summer for fun weather and activities, fall for the changing leaves and cooler weather and winter for more days off with my hubby and Christmas :)
T-tag friends: Christy and Matt
U-unknown fact about me: I love doing artys, fartys crafts, but never get to.
V-very favorite store: Coach :), Gap, Old Navy, Macy's, Nordstroms Rack, Target
W-worst habit: Impatience and drive too fast
X-x-ray, ultrasound, or mammogram: Ultrasound
Y-your favorite food: I like all types of food so to just ask for one is unfair to me :)
Z- Zodiac: Taurus


Christene said...

I love how it asked for a favorite store (singular) and you named several ;) tee/hee

Can't wait to see you guys!