Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fun Weekend in Utah!

So our good friend Wes Calland got married on Friday! We were able to fly to SLC to go to the wedding and it was great! I've hadn't been in the Salt Lake Temple before this and the place is massive and gorgeous! The sealer was great too and super funny! It was awesome.Ilse's dress was so beautiful!!! And she looked gorgeous in it!

This is Ryan growling :) GRRWOW!

The reception had a live Band and Ryan LOVES live music! Especially the drums! Olivia liked it too and Ben was more than happy to sit back and enjoy.

The cake was sooo pretty - I kinda want to get married again :)

Wes, Ben and Ryan - Ryan had such a good time with Wes, Brynna, Toreva and Susan - I miss them all already!

Had a ton of fun with Bryn - It was great to see her again and to hang out!

Olivia was all partied out!

Ryan was also all partied out! He had a good day!!!


Anonymous said...

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Brooke said...

I had NO idea that Wes got married! That is so awesome to hear. I'm jealous you got to see the Callands in all their glory!

Jessica said...

I didn't know that Wes got married. That is so awesome! I feel so disconnected from everyone since we don't live in CA. Oh well! Keep in touch!