Friday, June 06, 2008


Today, Melinda and Olivia, Collette, Seth and Brandon and Ryan and I went to the beach! We had such a good time! The kids had a blast playing in the sand - although the younger kids thought that you had to eat the sand... :) The weather was perfect and I didn't get SUNBURNED!!! Whoo Hoo!!!Ryan thought the sand was really intresting... He didn't really dive right into it, but rather he looked at it for a time and then touched some of it and all in all he thought it was pretty cool.

Olivia really enjoyed the sand! She had it all over her face and hands and was still able to enjoy a snack! Ryan also got sand all over himself, but didn't quite know what to do... Look at that cute belly!I told Ryan and Olivia to make a funny face for this picture... and those are some funny faces!!!

Melinda and Olivia

Me and Ry-Guy

It really was a great day! So nice to be able to get out and go do something fun! Next week... POOL PARTY!!!


Gma Cheryl said...

Whose pool?