Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Del Mar Fair

I love the fair and look forward to it EVERY Year! This year I was even more excited because it would be Ryan's first fair experience... But I make one grave mistake... I went on Dollar Tuesday! I will never... let me repeat that... I will NEVER go to the fair on Dollar Tuesday (or any dollar day for that matter) again! We went after work and left Escondido at about 5pm. I had a few quick stops and got to Ralphs in San Marcos at about 5:30pm... They of course were already sold out of dollar tickets... So we texted Google and called 4 different Ralphs until we called the one in Carmel Mountain and they had stupid dollar tickets left. Now when we go to the fair we always take Del Dios Hwy because it's fun and quicker, but since we were in Carmel Mountain we took the 56 over to the 5 and up to Del Mar... The traffic getting off the freeway was HORRIBLE! I hate the 5! We waited in line to get off the freeway for 30-45 mins and then waited another 15-20 minutes to get to the parking lot.... Then because I'm so super smart I got in the wrong freaking lane! I was not a happy camper and Ryan at this point had woken up from his nap and was ready to get out of his car seat... He was just plan ol'fussy butt! So we finally ended up parking in the "Preferred Parking" and finally got into the line to get into the Fairgrounds... We entered the fairgrounds at 8pm! I was not happy!!! We met up with some of our friends and got some yummy fried food... and then we listened to a really crappy band play for like 3 minutes because Ryan likes live music... And then we went and looked at all the booths. I have 4 things that I like to do at the fair - 1. look at all the "stuff" for sale. 2. Look at the gardens, 3. Look at the photography exhibit and 4. look at the High School woodworking stuff... We of course only had time to look at the stuff for sale - and there really wasn't anything SUPER cool this year... and then we looked at the gardens. There were a couple of cool gardens, but the gardens last year were phenomenal... But there were some cool ones... The only reason I liked this one was because the fire pit was dug into the ground and I thought that was kinda cool... Plus I'm obsessed with fire pits!

I want to eat my breakfast on something cool like this someday! It had tile flooring which was pretty cool too! And you can't see it but a cute little stream.

So I'm bummed that I didn't get to see the photography or the woodworking stuff, but OH WELL! There is always next year :)


The Veaters said...

I love the Del Mar Fair! I'm always bummed when I don't get to go to San Diego during the time it's running, like this year. It's just so much fun! I agree with you, I love the stuff for sale (even though it's mostly the same every year), the photography exhibits, some of the gardens, and of course the amazing food. And the hypnotist show! Have you ever seen that? It's hilarious. Gosh, I miss San Diego sometimes!

adrienne said...

Ahhh-the Del Mar Fair. I totally miss the things that you can ONLY experience in San Diego! I'm sorry you had a bad time. The thought of the 5 makes me twitch-hee!

Tiffany said...

I have never been to the Del Mar fair. We really should go. You inspired me to go!

Daddio said...

By far the best ever fair is the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton! It blows away the San Diego one. Except when Erin and Sarah made us watch Brandy :)