Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Last Saturday night, James, Christy, Ben and I went to dinner at Red Robin. It was fun and I had a really good croissant sandwich. Ben and James both got Raspberry Mint Lemonade and would "fight" over the refills. Ben took one refill that James thought looked good so he stuck his straw in it and shared it with Ben... It was really quite romantic :) Christy and I thought it was funny enough to take picture of... I don't know why at this point, but we did.


Sarah said...

I've never tried their raspberry mint lemonade, sounds delicious! Red Robin is seriously one of my fav burger joints!

The Smiths said...

erin! so i'm commenting up here so you'll see it, but my comment is about the phone booth post. LOVE IT! i don't think anyone can watch that show too much haha. yes we are back in san marcos and yes i remember troy lesh. i actually saw jeff my first year up at school and i was supposed to see troy one time but it didn't work out. that's fun that he came to visit again.