Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ryan's New Tricks :)

So for the past couple of weeks Ryan has been getting really good at pulling himself up and cruising. Now he is mastering the standing up without holding onto anything! It's really cute - this isn't the best picture of him standing, but right now... it's the only one :)

And yet another trick Ryan has learned is to close doors... While I was sitting in Ryan's room blogging - he crawled out of his room - across the living room and into my room where he closed the door... The only problem is that he can't figure out how to let himself out once he has closed the door. I heard a faint cry and wondered where my boy was and I found him in my room sitting by the door holding onto his "snuggle" (a little 6"x6" soft blanket with a frog on it) crying! It was kind of cute actually :) I might be a bad mother because I laughed at what he had done... IT WAS CUTE!
He also likes playing the the hose attachment for the vacuum cleaner.
And he has also discovered that it is really fun to pull all of the DVD's out of the TV stand.

Here ya go mom!


Ashley said...

Baby proofing time! Your house will probably change drastically in the next 6 months to a year!! So very cute! Miss the little guy.