Monday, June 30, 2008

Mii likes Wii!!!

I have never played the Nintendo Wii before this weekend and I LOVED IT!!! Oh my gosh I totally want one! It was so fun and I'm still sore! Which is absolutely absurd! I really need to get into better shape so that I can dominate at Wii Bowling! :)

We played Super Mario Cart - I sucked... But Ryan did really good :)Ben bowling - Just FYI - I beat him :)

Cory and Lesley boxing it out! :) Just FYI - Ben beat me up.

Anyway - It was totally fun and I really want to get one, but Ben told me no... :( Maybe for Christmas!!! Only SIX MORE MONTHS!


Christene said...

I had a really hard time loading your page...but the pictures I saw were great! Love your new haircut. Looks like you went to Lake Tahoe - hope you had fun. Tell Ben he's white!

Ashley said...

So Todd is totally lobbying for our friends to get one, then he is planning that they will bring it over to play on our tv!

adrienne said...

Cute hair!!! Just wanted you to know!

Ashley said...

The Wii really is fun! We have one, and I love the Super Mario Galaxy game. I haven't tried Mario Cart, but I'm sure it would be really fun. The Wii would be an awesome Christmas present!

Tiffany said...

I love them too!