Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol

The first year I watched American Idol religiously was season 5 - That was the season that Chris Daughtry was a contestant. He was clearly the best contestant and was the predicted winner - and he should have been. He was amazing on the show! The BEST one. However, he was voted off on MAY freaking 10th (my birthday!) I didn't watch the show after that. It didn't matter though because he still made an incredible record that has done way better than most of the winners! I watched a little bit last year, but no one was really great in my mind - although I do like Jordin Sparks. But this season I got into it again...

David Cook is incredible! I know most people (Mormons) are bummed that David Archuleta didn't win, but David Cook will make a better record if you ask me... David Archuleta GREAT, but can really only sing one kind of song... Although as soon as his record is available I will buy it as well! But the performance David Cook did last night with ZZ Top was AMAZING! I LOVED IT! Basically it doesn't matter who wind American Idol... Syesha will get a record deal... Jason will get a record deal... Brooke will probably get a record deal... So congrats to both David's because as Simon said (hehehehe) last night - "I don't care who wins"