Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fun Filled Friday!

Had a lot of fun yesterday! Started off my day by going to the Wild Animal Park with my friend Collette and her 2 kids Seth and Brandon. We had a lot of fun, but it was REALLY REALLY SUPER HOT! It was about 105 degrees and had sweat everywhere! We got to see the elephants, tigers, giraffes, lions and gorillas! Seth and Collette looking at the Lions!

Ryan stayed hydrated :)

Ryan and Brandon discussing the lions.
Brandon thought they were pretty cool!
Later that night Ryan and I went to watch Ben play softball - We saw Aunt Melinda and cousin Olivia! Ben's team lost...
Ryan and Olivia being silly with their mommies :)
After the Game, Ben, Ryan and I went to my parents house because they were at Disneyland (shocker!) and we invited Shane, Melinda and Olivia, James and Christy, Ben, Collette and Seth (Brandon was sleeping), Tim and Kristine over to hang out and eat s'mores! It was a lot of fun hanging out and watching the kids play together!
Seth played with Ryan and Olivia. He was super good with them and Ryan wanted to do whatever Seth was doing. It was pretty cute!