Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Parks

Last night for Mutual the kids played a game at Woodland Park - which is like the ONLY park in San Marcos and it happens to be just right down the street from where I live. It's a pretty cool park and it was fun to push Ryan on the swings and let him go down the slide! It also reminded me of how much I loved parks when I was younger! I don't know what it is about them but they are GREAT! Unfortunately I'm totally LAME and didn't take any pictures of Ryan having fun! I really need to learn a lesson from Ashley and my Dad and take my camera everywhere (well the camera was in my car...) and take pictures of EVERYTHING!!!


Ashley said...

Geez Erin way to forget the camera!! Just kidding. But seriously I thought it was a given that I would see you at Disneyland! Sorry! Will you ever forgive me?

Brooke said...

Parks ARE great. If it weren't for those children would be stuck in our apartment every day whining at me. So I guess it would be "poor me" too. =)

Sarah said...

you should try some of the other san marcos parks too, ryan would love them! There's simmons park, the park off of Foxhall, Bradley park, and the little one on via vera cruz, to name a few. Can you tell we visit parks a lot? :)