Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ryan's 1st #1 Birthday Party :)

The whole reason that we went to Reno was for 2 reasons - 1. My very bestest favoriest cousin/sister had never meet Ryan. Lesley used to live in Reno but moved to New Mexico and we just kept barely missing each other. So she was in Reno for a wedding and we decided to go up and see her and 2. Have a birthday Party for Ryan!Me and Lesley

Ryan started off his party with a bottle :) He needed a nap, but there was too much going on to sleep!Ryan loves Balloons

Bri and Lesley are so pretty :)

Uncle Joe LOVES party hats!

Bri is not naturally cross eyed :) (PS - Kris's Wii character was the funniest thing I ever saw!)

Ryan had a great party and it was a lot of fun - THANKS AUNT NANCY!


Ashley said...

Aww he's cute! I love the birthday hat! It looks like he actually enjoyed the cake and the frosting too! Those are such fun pictures!

Ashley said...

Fun times I miss the Kellys! Are you getting excited for Ryan's 2nd first birthday party?

Tiffany said...

happy birthday ryan!!! he is so grown up!