Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2008 Olympic Games

So Ben and I have been watching the Olympics and I have some thoughts

First of all, Beijing is way prettier than I expected! We watched this news special a few weeks ago about all of the smog in Beijing and it looked nasty! But wow! I'm totally impressed and actually want to go visit there now. We watched some of the cycling because we liked to see the scenery :)

Second, Beach volleyball is actually entertaining to watch :) I really like both the men's and women's teams. It's mostly just Serve, Set, Spike - But still really entertaining. The first match we watched was the US Men against Latvia - The US lost and it was crazy because they looked like they sucked, but then of course the next game they were amazing!

Third, Swimmers have really weird bodies. It looks ok on the men, but NOT on the women... And Michael Phelps is a fantastic swimmer, but he has NO junk in his Trunk... if you know what I mean :) He is really entertaining to watch and actually I loved the 800m relay race. Fantastic!

Fourth, Gymnastics. Where to start. I've only watched the girls and they are great. My favorites are Shawn Johnson and Alicia Sacramone. But here is my problem. Most of the girls on the team look totally SAD! They almost never smile and I think that's why I liked those 2 girls because they do smile more than the others. I don't like how Nastia's Dad was so intense. These poor girls probably have NO life because they have been committed to gymnastics their whole lives and it shows on their faces. But they do have an incredible talent and my heart went out to Alicia when she feel. I was so sad for her, but she handled it SOO FREAKING WELL! I would have been crying my eyes out!

Fifth, I really like syncro diving! Very cool!



diving and gymnastics are my very favorite. i agree with those who don't believe the chinese gymnasts to be 16. a couple of them definitely looked between 10&12! crazy. and phelps is on fire. 11 golds so far! wow. these games have definitely been exciting to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Erin! It's me, Ciera (Hulka). I've had a blog for so long and have never found anyone I knew from home, so now I'm finding millions, haha. Anyway, hi, I'm glad you guys have a blog so I can see what you're up to :)

Ashley said...

I totally agree with you! I want to go to China SO bad. I love watching the gymnastics and the diving too, and it was really entertaining to read your thoughts about everything. :)