Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The House Bunny

I forgot to post this, but last Friday, Shane, Melinda, Ben and I saw the House Bunny - Don't judge me yet... It was actually really funny and pretty clean considering that the premise of the movie is that the main character is a playboy bunny. The clothes are ridiculous, but it's worth going to because it's pretty dang funny. One of the Zeta girls - who is more manly than the others - was soooo funny! Evey time she opened her mouth I laughed :)

We also saw the Mummy a few weeks ago - Skip it...

Also saw Mamma Mia - I was bored with it and I think that's because I had just started reading the Twilight books and the books were way more interesting than the movie :)


The Wattson Family said...

So, um yea, do you have a frequent watcher card to the local Edwards Cinemas? You watch so many movies you should see if you get rewards:) I'm sorry to hear that the mummy was disappointing. Who's the loser though? They made two good ones right?

Ashley said...

I actually saw this movie too last weekend with my friend. We thought it was pretty dumb but in a funny and entertaining way too. And it was MUCH cleaner than it could have been, for sure!