Monday, August 25, 2008


On Saturday Ben and I took Ryan to Disneyland! It was super fun!!! I, of course, left the camera in the car so I only had my phone camera - which is why the pictures look not super clear. We got there about 5ish and it was super hot! It took us a while to figure out what we wanted to do because we were so hot and content to sit in the shade. :) We took Ryan over to Toontown and he played in Chip and Dale's tree house. We played in Toontown a while the went to Main Street and got some Ice Cream! YUM! We listened to the piano player and waited for it to cool off! When it finally did we went on the Jungle Cruise! Ryan LOVED the jungle cruise! He ooooed at everything he saw and as always he pointed at most everything :)

Then we took Ryan on Pirates of the Caribbean - That was a bit scary for him :) He didn't cry, but he clung very tightly to me :) He was really tired at this point too so he laid his head on my shoulder and rested :) SO CUTE! Then we listened to the live Swing band. Ryan was dancing and moving to the music.

It was a really fun day - I'm glad that we were able to go and I hope that we can go back SOON!!!


Ashley said...

Do you guys have season passes? That must be so much fun! I'm really excited to go there and take Kirsten in September! I like the idea of letting them play in Chip and Dale's Treehouse. I'd appreciate any other tips you have about taking a baby to Disneyland! Just leave them on my blog as a comment!