Friday, August 08, 2008

Congrats JOSHUA!!!

Last night Joshua was named America's Favorite Dancer! I LOVE Joshua and I'm super glad that he won! I'm also glad that Katee won some money as well because she was FANTASTIC! It was a great show last night full of surprises (Mary Murphy dancing with Dmitry - who knew she had legs! And Nigel can tap dance? I was shocked!) But most of all seeing some of my FAVORITE dances again made me even more excited to see these incredible dancers LIVE!

By the way - I totally want to take some dance classes now - ANYONE want to join me???
PS - I still cannot stand Cat Deely - Just thought I would throw that in there one last time!


Ashley said...

I loved it too! I'm glad he won and glad Katie got some money too! I also thought it was very cool to see Mary and Nigel dance. Nigel was quite the tapper, I never knew that! I love that show!!!

adrienne said...

Our tv went out due to an incredible monsoon and so it didn't even record! SOOO bummed! Is the comment about Cat directed towards me...just kidding!