Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ryan Got Tagged!

My friend Ashley Veater tagged Ryan!!! I haven't blogged enough about him in my opinion so this should be fun~

Name and meaning: Ryan Benjamin Hoy - Ryan doesn't have any significance to us other than we know quite a few Ryans and like them all. It just seemed like a good name to go along with Benjamin which we knew we wanted ad the middle name. Ryan means "Little King" and let me tell you - He thinks he's Royalty! :)

Age: 13 months old! Birthday: July 9, 2007 - A good 12 days AFTER his due date...
Nicknames: Ry-Guy, Ry Ry, Booger Butt, Baby Boy
Favorite activities: Ryan likes walking around, exploring drawers/purses/compartments, looking at books, playing with his cars, putting stuff over his head, Plugging things into other things :)
Favorite foods: He is a total carbavore - just like his parents. He likes pastas and most veggies
Least favorite foods: He is not too fond of fruit... He likes some fruit, but not a lot of it.
Favorite music: Ryan is all gansta'. He loves his hip hop! He really likes American Boy by Estelle feat Kanye West - He also like Vida La Viva, but really likes anything with a good bass sound.
Favorite toys: Ryan likes boy toys - he loves cars, balls, legos, little people and anything that makes sounds.

Favorite book: I don't think he has a favorite, but he likes the books that are a touch and feel book or anything bright.

Favorite item of clothing: He Loves these Vans that I got him - He loves wearing them and hates taking them off. :)
What makes him happy: Empty soda cans, when Daddy comes home, snuggling, kisses, Chasing the kittys, going outside, playing with other little kids, throwing things

What makes him sad: not getting his way, being tired, not going bye bye when he wants too.

This was a fun tag! I'm tagging a couple kids (and their mommies of course!):

Ashely's Mason
Melinda's Olivia
Leah's Cameron
And anyone else who would like too :)


Ashley said...

Cute! I'm glad you did this tag too!

Mike and Bianca said...

Aw! He's so dang cute. I love that he loves hip hop and I love his little vans. Max has some that are black and white. I can't wait until he can wear them. I can't believe Ryan came 12 days late!!! Oh my goodness! How did you do it?!