Thursday, September 04, 2008

Labor Day

So every year I ask Ben if he is taking Labor Day off and every year he says no and I ask why not. And then he asks me if he takes Labor Day off and I say yes. Well this year Ben didn't figure out that he takes Labor Day off until about 3p on Labor Day. He did get off work at 4p which was cool. We were able to go to the beach still with Shane, Melinda, Olivia and Jon. It was a really pretty day. Ryan enjoyed playing with his toys in the sand... He really got into putting the sand into the bucket and his dump truck... Meanwhile, Ben dug a hole and in the process broke Ryan's shovel...Awe... Look at the happy couple...Ryan really liked walking in the sand. At one point he tried to catch a seagull, but was unsuccessful :)Ryan and Olivia really like to play together. They were both digging in the sand and Olivia ate some and it was really cute!Remember that big hole that Ben dug and broke Ryan's shovel??? Well Ben put Ryan in the hole... I can't take Ben anywhere!!! :) Ryan actually liked it... He is his father's son

Then Ryan and Ben made a "Drip Castle". I wasn't watching them and well they both got really muddy. This is what happens when I take my eyes off my boys for 2 seconds! Ryan really liked the mud though :) He did not like, however, the shower afterwards :)

Went to dinner after that and had a great time with Ben, Shane, Melinda, Olivia and the "Manny" - I mean Jon - Jon is Melinda and my Male Nanny - so we call him Manny :)


Ashley said...

He is so cute playing in the sand! I love Labor day at the beach!!!

Ashley Smith said...

so my friend levi was once a manny and didn't like being called that but i loved it! he assistant, or something to that effect.