Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We're Repainting!!!

When we bought our place 3 1/2 years ago we had our walls and ceilings re-textured and then we painted! It was quite the project and I hated every minute of painting, but like childbirth I have forgotten most of the pain because we have decided to repaint! Our main color throughout the house is a grey color that I really liked at the time but now it just seems to make our house really dark. So we are opting for something lighter and brighter! Ben and I went to Home Depot on Saturday and got some paint samples and put them on our wall to see what we liked. We narrowed it down to 6 and called my fantastic sis-in-law Melinda to help us. She narrowed it down to 4 and told us to get some paint and test a few of the walls. We did that tonight and have now decided to paint our house "Provence Cream" Oooo Laaa Laa! I'm excited for the change! More pictures to come and hopefully I can find my camera and take some REAL pictures and not have to rely on my camera phone.


Kings said...

oooo i can't wait to see pictures. I LOVE decorating...and wish I was better at it.
P.S. I love your new page.

CIERA said...

I need some of your motivation to rub off on me. I see what you mean, I really like the gray color though!