Tuesday, September 02, 2008

8 Things

Thanks Arica! I like to tag :)

8 Things I'm Passionate About...
1. Ben Jamin
2. Ry Guy
3. Family
4. Saving Gas
5. Balancing the checkbook
6. Dancing - watching more than doing... I suck at doing...
7. Shopping
8. Church - last one... my priorities may be a bit mixed up :)

8 Words Or Phrases I Say Often...
1. Right?
2. Dude
3. Oh my word
4. Ryan come here
5. Yes, I just need to return this
6. Sadie NO - Go pee in the cat box - not the clothes
7. WOW
8. I love you

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die...
2. Have more kids
3. Move in to my dream house
4. Be financially secure
5. Go on a mission
6. Get my BA
7. Be good at something
8. write a check for a large sum of money to some sort of charity

8 Things I Pray For...
1. That Ryan will stay asleep in his crib all night long
2. That Ben will have a good day at work
3. That our country will be safe and make good decisions ie elections
4. That our company will be successful
5. My Family
6. Safety
7. Be able to pay our bills
8. Be happy

8 Things I Have Learned...
1. Marriage is hard work but totally worth it
2. Kids are hard work but totally worth it
3. The gospel is hard work but totally worth it
4. I do not have the natural talent to dance
5. Families are Forever
6. How to blog
7. That when you judge someone you are probably wrong
8.Ryan has taught me a lot about love, patience and sacrifice

And now I tag: Ashley(s) Braun and Veater, Jeremy Hoy, Melissa Dorkas... I mean Cobas Whoops!


Ashley said...

Cool tag, I will do it soon!


oh perfect! and ashley, i tagged you too! haha, i'm sure.. not that it matters, but now you owe us double time.