Friday, September 26, 2008

The Office Premiere Party!

Last night we had an Office Premiere Party at Shane and Melinda's house! It was so much fun! I helped Melinda decorate the house earlier that day as we were the Party Planning Committee - I found super tacky clearance items and Melinda got streamers and the place looked great! I made Jello with a stapler in it... didn't turn out quite as good... but it was still funny!
But by the end of the night... it looked VERY sad. Shane/Michael was the only one who would eat it!
Did I mention that we dressed up as characters from the show??? Oh YES WE DID!

Michael Scott


We have from L-R: Mose, Roy, Pam and Dwight! This is Melinda's brother, Steven and his wife Shenda and their cute kids Emma and Rainn

These are the 2 Michaels - Race for the Cure - Support the Rabid Michael and the office Michael :)
I dressed up as Angela in the Fun Run episode... My shirt has a picture of Sprinkles on it :)

Remember the episode where Kevin had the huge jar of M&M's on his desk.... hahaha!

I was presented the Dunindie for the Hottest in the Office!!!!

Our friends James and Leah Humberstone came with their son Cameron! James' shirt says: "That's what she said" :)
Cameron is soooo darn cute!!!

Cameron and Ryan being really cute!

Ryan playing with Uncle Shane/Michael

It was a super fun party and a great night! I really liked the episode and look forward to this season!!!


Ashley Smith said...

so fun!

Heidi said...

you are sooooooooo much fun i LOVE IT!

Brett Simper said...

what nerds! but I miss the Humberstones!

Jeremy Hoy said...

I like how you awarded the Dundie to yourself

Ashley said...

I LOVE the Office! I totally wish we lived by you guys so I could have been there for such an awesome party! I want to steal your idea for the next Office premiere. Awesome! I LOVE the stapler inside jello!
And Uncle Shane really does look like Michael!