Sunday, September 28, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Tour 2008!

Last night Ben and I went to the SYTYCD tour in Anaheim at the Honda Center (where the Ducks play). It was an amazing venue. This was our 3rd year going and it was probably the BEST year yet! I've learned over the years where the best seat REALLY are and this year the seats were perfect! My absolute favorite dances we saw live and I was actually impressed by Jessica's solo... My loyal blog fans :) will remember that I did not like her at all, but she really was impressive on stage. Gev was also incredible and Twitch, Joshua, Katee and Kherrington were ALL AMAZING live! I had a GREAT time and I think my very favorite dance... if I just had to pick one... would be the door dance - Twitch and Katee dancing to Mercy by Duffy - IT WAS HOT! But I also loved so many more that I won't bore you with :)
The Bed dance was amazing as well... Our stupid camera wasn't working so we didn't take very many pictures :( STUPID CAMERA!
After the show, we waited around to see the dancers come out and maybe get a couple pictures taken with them... We waited about 30 minutes and then decided that we were more tired than we thought so we went home! It was a great night and a great week!!!


CIERA said...

I'm so jealous!

Ashley said...

I am TOTALLY jealous! Lucky you!!! I wish I could have seen the tour and that door dance was one of my very favorites from the whole season too!

Mike and Bianca said...

Wow how fun!