Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday Night FOOTBALL!

So last night was agurably the best Family Home Evening EVER! (except for the fact that Ryan was not present:)) On Father's Day this year I got Ben tickets to the Chargers game. I was getting a little bit worried that the game was going to suck because the last 2 games were stinkers - and that's all I'll say on the matter or else this could turn into a REALLY LONG blog :)
Last year for Christmas my parents got Ben and I tickets to the Christmas Eve game and it was soooo much fun - HOWEVER - we left for the game only 2 hours early last year and didn't get to our seat until AFTER HALFTIME... That was so not cool so this year we left EXTRA early and took the trolly to Qualcomm Staumn. I had never ridden the Trolly before and it was super fun!The trolly was JAM PACKED! Also - please notice my hair... Comments are welcome :)

We got into the statum and met up with James and Christy - Christy was very stoked to wear her Eric Weddle jersey and James was SUPER stoked to wear his Eric Weddle jersey that Christy made for him... :)They pointed out to us that Dennis Quaid, Steve Young and Emmett Smith were on the field. I have no idea what Dennis Quaid was doing there, but Steve Young and Emmett Smith were there doing to ESPN Monday Night Football stuff.
It was cool to see the boys come out to warm up before the game. Here is Weddle and Jammer - both had a good night - especially Weddle who had a pretty important interception.Antnio Gates - LOVES HIM! He did great last night too! But of course my FAVORITE is LT!!! He is such a great player and cool guy! Tolbert is a new guy whom I also really like this year - He took Lorenzo Neil's place and I really miss Neil, but Tolbert is super cool too - He got a TD last night.Tomlinson got his 1st 2 TD's of the season last night - He is just so fun to watch!!! Rivers is actually pretty fun to watch too. Here is LT coming out at the beginning of the game... By the way - I forgot to mention that I started getting sick on Friday or Saturday... So by Monday I was starting to fell better but I pretty much cheered my head off the whole game... Needless to say my voice is not what it should be :) Cliff Barnum's TWIN!Ben and I with the CRAZY Jet's fan - He was funny until he got really drunk and the Jet's were TOTALLY LOSING! haha jk I actually sat next to a Jet's fan that was from Queens, NY and he was really cool!Brett Farve - it was his 1st loss to the CHARGERS... Poor baby :)

James really wanted to go on the field... He even told the security guard that he was a kicker, but they didn't think his jersey was real... Apparently we thought we were at PROM :) We had a great time! After the game we got in the HUGE line for the Trolly and decided that we would rather walk to the next station than wait in line... We could find the next station so we walked 2 stations over - we think about 2 miles in the time it would have taken us to stand in line. It was a really nice walk - I liked it. :)


Ashley said...

Fun night, we are jealous!! Also the hair is so cute! I am growing mine back out because I have too much natural curl for short hair!

Kyle and Whitney said...

Super cute hair! I love it short. I am so glad you enjoyed a fun date together. We have to get together one of these days!


yes the hair is darling. you make me miss my lifetime of a-line bob cuts. :) you know. and yes that look's like cliff's twin, and i believe my dad was at that game. so fun. i sure miss san diego most of the time.

Brett Simper said...

I'm flagging this post for being blasphemous.

The Wattson Family said...

Hair comment: looks SO good! Blog comment: wish we coulda gone to a winning charger game. Looks like you guys had fun!

Ashley said...

Wow that sounds fun! I've never been to an NFL game at all but me and Stephen both really want to go to one!