Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I fixed the Dawn!

I finished Breaking Dawn last night and I really enjoyed the book! I did not care for Jacob - especially when he IMPRINTED on Renesmee. I also do not care for the name Renesmee, but I did really like Bella as a vampire and of course I want an Edward :) I really liked Renesmee's "gift" - That is so cool!!! And Edward as a father was hot. I at first didn't like that Jacob was the voice in Book 2, but then I totally saw why Stephenie Meyer did what she did and I got to say that I really liked this book!


Ashley said...

I agree with you that I hated the name Renesmee through the entire book. She really could have named her something else! But I loved her gift, and Bella's too. And I was also annoyed with Jacob being the voice for so long in book 2 and kept wondering when it would go back to Bella, but then I saw why she did it too. I loved the book overall!

Anonymous said...

Finally someone else that enjoyed this book besides me. I so agree that Edward as a Dad was totally hot! I loved the part at the end where Bella finally got to show Edward how she'd been feeling/thinking for him the whole time. Ahh! Lol.


I second what ciera said, if you think about the very start of book 1, the reason why it started was because edward was pissed he couldn't read bella's thoughts, and she ended the saga with that being able to happen. PERFECT closure. :) also, don't know if you've read/found this, but you can read the first chapter of edward's book on stephenie's site (under Midnight Sun section) which is TOTALLY rad, it'll get you sooo psyched for that book!! I like you, and I like that you love the story as much as we all do. :)