Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Bag Tag

For those of you who know me know that I LOVE BAGS! And I need a new/bigger one!

Tag, your it! Here's my friend that goes with me EVERYWHERE..
1. Show photograph of your bag/purse.
2. You are not allowed to edit contents before photographing!
3. List the contents & give descriptions.
4. Bag tag your friends.

So let's see... what do we have here.

1. Coach Walet and Checkbook. Got it off Ebay for a pretty good price.

2. Keys.

3. Chapstick - the blue kind with mouisturizer.

4. Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer (and to be honest I've never used it!)

5. Tampons...

6. Orbit cinamon gum - Loves it!

7. Dragon sunglasses - I love them but need a new pair because these are seriously scratched.

8. Pepsi bottle cap - If I buy one then I get another for FREE!

9. Tickets to So You Think You Can Dance and the Chargers Game

10. Parking pass for the SYTYCD Tour at the Honda Center

11. Pen - Don't know where it came from

12. And last but not least - My Dry Cleaning ticket...

And I tag - Ashley Braun, Christy LaLanne, Jill King, Tiffany Andrews and Rachel Watson! HAVE FUN LADIES


Katie said...

Hope you don't mind me crashing your blog, I sorta gotta it from your mom who posted a comment on my blog the other day ( ;
Ryan is such a big boy! Cutie
Check out our blog, if you want

Ashley said...

Your bag has SO many of the same things in it as mine. Fun post!