Sunday, October 05, 2008

Miramar Air Show

I had never been to the Miramar Air Show but I've always heard good things about it... In fact, I got married the weekend of the Air show 3 years ago and the Blue Angels flew over the temple when we were taking pictures! Just for me I'm sure :)

Ryan loves planes - Every time he hears one he stops what he's doing to point at the plane and say "WOW" So this weekend we took Ryan and we all loved it! Such a great atmosphere and a ton to do - not to mention some VERY cool planes and Jets flying!
Unfortunately I did not have my good lens in my camera bag... I think my Dad stole it!!!
This is Ryan thoroughly impressed with the Jet - saying "WOOOOW!"
Of course, I had to get him that plane... I had to force it on him :)

Ryan got a little bit tired...Man, those Jets can get SOOO Loud!The Budweiser Clydesdales - SUPER COOL! Ryan made his "purring" sound that he makes for all animals.I couldn't believe how big these helicopters are - This wasn't even one of the bigger ones they had there!The Shamu Bug - we want to get a yellow one and make it into a really cool BEE!This plane - HOVERED! IT WAS SO COOL!

We left right before the Blue Angels came out hoping to miss traffic which we did, but the Angels flew RIGHT over us and were SUPER close so we still got to see them... I just didn't take any pictures of them. But trust me they were cool! We will definitely go back next year and be a bit more prepared :)


Sarah said...

The Air show is so totally cool, I definitely have to go back with Bry. The last time I went, I went with then-bf Air Force dude, and I was totalyl sick with what I thought was the flu, but it turned out to be mono -- }}shudder{{. So, I need to take my boys and make better memories there. Glad you had fun!

Papa said...

My experience with a Harrier:

I had borrowed my father-in-law’s video camera. You know, 25 years ago, it looked like I had a boom box on my shoulder. I was taping some of my son’s varsity baseball game at his high school in Reno, Nevada. Just on the other side of the freeway was the airport. Something caught my attention over there. It was a Harrier jet coming in above the runway, slowing to a crawl then stopping, turning around(still in the air!), and then continuing down the runway BACKWARDS! I am standing there with my mouth wide open. AND A VIDEO CAMERA ON MY SHOULDER. And never thought to start taping!!!!! Of course, I have been able to tell this story a hundred times!

Tiffany said...

That is so neat. I never been either. I think that you just convinced me to want to go. where is Hyrum? I need to convince him now. By the way, how did you get your blogs to say when they are updated?

Melody said...

I absolutely love the Air Show! I haven't been for years and years. It's so fun and you can get so many awesome pics with all the open planes and cool cars they have. I love Ryan's "WOW" picture. Cuuuute. :)


..we used to watch the air show from our roof in Mira Mesa (where we lived before where my parents are at now). it was always a good time.. and i can't get over how ADORABLE ryan is in that little hat of his!

Ashley said...

That looks SO cool, I really want to go sometime! That's awesome that Ryan loves planes so much!