Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not in the Mood...

So I have not been in the mood to blog lately! Blogging is usually a release of stress for me but lately I've been consumed by too much! Everyday, I wake up, go to work or dance class and then I prepare to wave signs to get the word out for vote YES on Prop 8 and then I wave signs and then I go home exhausted! So I"m sorry that I haven't been commenting as much as I like to and I don't think I'll have too many blogs between now and NOV. 4th - I will try.

Prop 8 is very important to me - I want to protect my son. Please do all that you can to help push through the last week and a half! We're almost done!!! Keep up the good work :)

PROCREATE! (after marriage, of course)

Remember - it's not a matter of bigotry... it's about biology. The simple ancient laws of BIOLOGY!


the astles said...

I glad you are so passionate! I'm terrified on what might happen if it didn't pass.